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In loving remembrance - Vishakha 24th February, 2019

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Life of a Star

You came as a star among us, and now you adorn the sky - in perpetuity To all whom you loved, you appeared smiling and laughing and dancing Celebrating and sprinkling joy, every rhythmic step of the way

And like a star you were selfless Internally consumed, but always shining bright to the world I wonder what it take for a star to be ever smiling Like a spark that provides warmth to so many hearts Touching them with encouragement, inspiration and sprinkled love

And while a million other stars guide From afar - all too cold and distant You came down to live amongst us And left your footprints on our hearts and minds

At times joking, playing, gossiping or chatting, singing along a karaoke Teaching your dance zealously, as a pure expression of grace and love

And you built such strong attachments through your selfless giving, intensely and lovingly You are the ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ of my world Yet a star so beautiful, belonged to everyone Who gave it a place to perch in their sky And that's where a star belongs - to shine, to guide and to be the eternal love of the beholder - Forever

God loves but in mysterious ways He gives in abundance but doesn't let you count He does let you have His most precious thing for eternity In part for you to cuddle and play and the rest in loving memories He gives us the strength to paddle through this world And when this life is done, to fly away, becoming a star for those left behind

Loving remembrance on your birthday Feb 24, 2019

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