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Reflections - do the nice guys always finish last? #CCD #Siddharth

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

You make an excellent observation here. I have two theories on this. One is external and the other is internal to the person.

Externally, I think the regulatory and the supporting environment are not set up for the success of humble people. Unscrupulous people have better odds of success. Arrogance is recognized as risk taking ability. In many other counties where small businesses do well, the humbleness is not penalized and is not a sign of weakness. In these economies, entrepreneurship is driven by ideas.


Internally, I think a man needs to know to what extent he needs to stretch his values to get to a place that he call himself a success in the eyes of others. If you cannot run business like Ambanis, it's foolish to try to dream of that scale.Nicely penned reflections. This incidence does bring out the need to define what success looks like and at the same time, what does it mean to oneself. VGS clearly seems to have concluded that he was a failure based on what his investors and tax man was telling him. I do not feel comfortable with the part where this is being portrayed as honest people commit suicide while dishonest continue to live. That would be a dangerous and mostly wrong takeaway from this episode. It can't be that to establish their honesty, entrepreneurs have to give this test. That's not the standard that we want to set for everyone.

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