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Ode to the Taipei cabbies...

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Here are my experiences from using cab service twice a day for the last one year in Taipei. These experiences have discouraged me from opting for a self driven car, though I did go through the tough process of acquiring a local license 😓

Where in the world do you find cabbies who -

- First wish you with a smile when you get in the cab, before asking you where you want to go. Every single day, without exception - Never refuse to go to any place - far or near, unless it's out of town - Never refuse to return exact change, ever in the last one year. Be it returning a small change or accepting a payment of 100 from a 1000 dollar note - Refuse to take the last 5 bucks because the meter changed after the cab came to the stop - Has stopped the meter when he realized that the destination is on the other side of the road with a divider running along the middle. Takes a long route to take a U - turn and drops off. Takes money only as per the meter - Apologizes profusely for not being able to speak in English - And when is unable to find the physical location, does not take the full fare as per the meter, compensating for his lack of knowledge

I am sure that there are many more that I haven't captured. Long live the cabbies of Taipei. May your tribe grow...

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