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Immigration from India

India is a migration superpower. Here's why

It's an intellectually lazy article. Classically done on sample size of n=1 in the comfort of a couch 😜 It's a colored lens through which some innuendos are being pushed as life turning tends. Based on this article, one could be made to believe that Indians are seeking political asylum en mass whereas it is mostly triggered by economic considerations. Huge difference in remuneration, ability to save and support families back home, skills in demand, comfort and quality of life due to better standards of living and infrastructure are the much bigger reasons for people to stay on even if it comes at a huge cost of staying away from the families. Ability to afford education abroad is a key trigger for many to stay on to payoff the loans and then stay on for the same reasons mentioned above. The minorities angle is a convenient interpretation given that even in 2010, it was minorities that over indexed ( read here also read this, covering all migrations including within the country(

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