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COVID-19 Insights

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

List of things that I am learning about the human race during this lockdown


1. Bake it to fake it - Human’s most common response to being isolated and cut off from their fellow humans, is to start baking and cooking. Most importantly, they need to inform others of this feat, preferably concurrently, to convey their well-being and joy.

2. Law of human attraction - It has now been proven beyond doubt, across a robust sample of humans of different race, nationality and religion. Large section of human population is incapable of surviving if separated by more than 6 ft from other homo sapiens. Law of human attraction ensures that at the first given opportunity, they try to get together, even if they are complete strangers.

3. Minimalism will not lead to extinction of human race. Humans have now been proven to survive on basic food, low level of induced entertainment, without even the psychological need for shopping, without all the fancy clothes and adornments to make them appealing and also unnecessary traveling around. Freud slipped on himself.

4. Work expands to fill the time and space available. Work is the reason why humans exist, without which, irrespective of the above 3, they will perish. So humans can work alone, in the office, at home, over phone, over video calls, any time of the day, with or without food and rest. Full time employment, part time, consulting, contracting, moonlighting or any other form or shape of work. Of course, important to mention that oxygen was assessed to be somewhat equally important to survive.

5. Human belief is the most fundamental law of the universe and may be the only one that might exist. It was seen in history, the belief that earth is at the center of universe, actually forced sun and moon to travel around earth. In the current context, our belief around health, hygiene is once again forcing other species like viruses to change their behaviors and adapt to human’s understanding of how they should spread, multiply or inhabit different places. This is evident in the confidence with which humans have thrown aside all sanitization and hygiene - masks, use of sanitizers, washing hands etc. If humans believe that they don't need these, viruses have shown utmost willingness to amend their biology and just get out of the way. Allegedly, mumbling ‘inke muh kaun lage’

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