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Celebrating Super Heroes

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

A tribute to the Superheroes in our life. Do watch the video below before reading on.

Our childhood was filled with hope and stories of courage, watching the Superheroes go about protecting the humanity and ensuring goodness around us, always donning a mask.

I sometimes wondered what the mask was for, beyond just building an iconic persona.

Today when I see a troupe of people going around with purpose and putting up a fight so that we can go on with our lives, I am reminded of the ‘Superheroes’ in the mask, a different one though. It is now clear to me that the mask makes them go beyond what their own lives are and #steppingup to use all their special powers to do just one thing, fight for us. These are my ’superheroes‘, answering the call of duty, putting on a mask to transform from someone like us to a powerful force, out to save #humankind. Aren’t they awesome? #Dole’s purpose of bringing #sunshineforall celebrates and draws inspiration from these #superheroes Our front line #healthcareworkers and many other #frontline workers from a variety of services.

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