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For all the yearnings for the ‘normal life’ like how it used to be, and the curiosity about can we get that normalcy back, my reflection is this - The way you live now, is the normal of today. Normal does not exist either in the past, nor in the future. As the level of the game changes, the situation, tasks, challenges and your ability to deal with them changes. The effort therefore, should be to be alive to the realities of our times and adapt. Changes for the good and bad are for historians to ponder on or for us to tell future generations over a cup of tea. For now, just be alive and thrive. Agree, disagree?

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As the COVID-19 battle continues, we are finding the experts mushrooming every where. If only the government was seriously leaving no stone unturned, they would have found them chilling right under each of those. The understanding of how to combat it, is also getting more complicated by the day. The pandemic has also bloomed into a hydra with issues raising heads as a healthcare crisis, humanitarian crisis, economic disaster and of course a political tussle. We are now having to deal with a full blown complicated organism called COVID-19 pandemic. As a mark of respect, I have suggested a 5 pronged solution for this (This has nothing to with getting only 4 marks in a 5 marks question, even though I covered everything in the 4 bullet points).

1. China should issue an active list of edible animals. Humanity needs to know where the next virus is going to pop up from. Subsequently, WHO needs to have its own private zoo to run researches on these animals. This list has to be put on a server which is accessible from both China as well as the rest of the world.

2. Elon Musk needs to build time travel machine to check if indeed there is a possible vaccination, by traveling into the future. Identify who developed it, and then we should only invest behind that company to save colossal waste.

3. Statistics should be made compulsory subject in the school. Specially for those who are aspiring for enviable professions where the only responsibility they carry is to inform others - politicians, journalism, PR jobs, etc.

4. Social distancing should be made a fundamental right enshrined in the constitution (Applies to the countries that have a constitution. Those that don't have, their leaders should inform through the party manifesto or circular, which is deemed as equivalent). Social distancing has managed to raise the sanity levels which has generally lead to a more peaceful mind and only in some rare cases has it had a debilitating effect on peace at home. Anyways, man is a social media animal. It allows a highly empowered human to select whom they want to interact with, selectively and discreetly by being in different groups and avoid negative vibes through careful exclusion and blocking accounts. SM now has tools to take the humans back to the caves, where they can scribble and draw emoticons on their own walls.

And finally,

5. Sorry, I forgot what this one was about...

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